Art Styles Of Old And New Light novel

King of Gods

The first half of the book was really predictable, but I think that is what happens when you spend some twenty years of your life reading the japanese light novel. However, these characters have their charms, which keep me going. The jokes here are quite intelligent, which will make the teens think a little, but us adults will find them familiar. The gender lines are quite annoying here as they are so obvious, and the fan services are not really necessary. This is no King of Gods! Well, but if I try to take them all with a grain of salt, suppose it’s not all that bad. Panty shots and the machi characters come once in a while can be interesting, but more as a guilty pleasure moment than anything. Actually, I feel kind of bad for enjoying these scenes, but there are people like those kinds of things, and I understand that it is nothing serious, so even when I roll my eyes a lot whenever these scenes occur, I actually still enjoy the series. 
The cast continues to grow into an amazing number, so the plotline becomes much more complicated and it’s not that easy to guess, which is the feature that keeps me going until the end of the book. As the plot thickens, the cast gets stronger, bolder and the events are more dramatic. Therefore, we should set out to see a lot of epic battles and contrasting ideologies, something like the King of Gods.
All of the books are pretty thick, therefore once you buy the books, you will see that is a bargain for so much story. If there will ever be an anime made, it will absolutely an epic one.

Actually, fantasy books are not my things. I am more into psychological kinds of books. But this one makes an alright book for releasing the stress.

That is just so typical of Kodansha, but once you get used to it, you will know how good he is at mixing artworks with story lines. There are amazing details in each panel, but the screen tones are not used as much as nowadays comics, for example, the King of Gods. The line density does its job quite well here without much of variation. Therefore,you’d better pay attention to blend in with the comics’ flow. Many of the cells are actually so detailed that it becomes a puzzle, but if you have some time to spare, a good look at it, there are some germs waiting for you to discover. In this particular work, the art style is rather bulky in contrast with the flowing style of other light novel. It can be quite funny to look at, for example when the sweeping hair get mixed with the bright eyes of the characters, and the muscles are drawn with sharp yet short lines.
Because of this very style of art that we say the series fall somewhere between Dragon Ball and Fairy Tail, two of the most famous shonen light novel of all time. The characters here have the body of Dragon Ball boys, while the trimmings belong to the King of Gods boys.

Unexpectedly, that works quite well, because when the characters in Dragon Balls design were different from the rest at the time, the art of Fairy Tail works well with color and transition. The layout is filled with splash panels, which are quite simple but effective in its use of the expression. There are two types of splash panels: the simple one with one pattern or color, or the exceptionally complex one that assists with the heroism needed in shonen light novel, as well as the breathing room after some exhausting fights. If you like fantasy genre, we suggest the King of Gods.

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