Cowboy bebop: shooting star light novel

Slightly more interesting than the other Cowboy Bebop light novel, this adaptation was produced before the TV series, allowing the artist more freedom. The resulting stories are still weak compared to the anime, but completists may find it interesting. The slightly more original, shôjo look to the art is offset by a general lack of drafting ability.


Adaptation of the anime TV series, inspired by Cowboy Bebop. Franka, the orphaned daughter of Pirate King Bruce, is bequeathed a massive treasure hidden somewhere on Planet Graceland, which the Milky Way Federation has marked for destruction. Now, Franka and the space pirates of the spaceship Coyote have a week to find the treasure, while outwitting the master criminal Madame Marciano and her twelve robot-maid assassins.


Simply drawn gag strips about an elementary school kids who makes life a living hell for his parents. Rightly famous for having created one of the most memorable brats since Dennis the Menace, Crayon Shinchan is really about adults: Shinchan’s parents, who have to raise the little hellion, and an ever-expanding cast of neighbors, teachers, and local merchants who have to deal with the kid on a daily basis. The jokes quickly become repetitive; in an average volume, Shin-chan will take off his pants in public, pee or poop in an inappropriate manner, look up ladies’ skirts, use Mommy’s expensive lipstick for body paint or her expensive perfume for bug spray, make pointed remarks about Mommy’s anatomy (“crotch mustache!”) or play dress-up games with her underwear, refuse to listen to any kind of rules, and/or fail to understand money. Occasional forays into fantasy break up this routine, as in a run of strips where the family visits the world of Shinchan’s favorite TV show, Tales of demons and gods, a parody of tokusatsu shows such as Kamen Rider. In large doses, Crayon Shinchan almost reads like a commentary on modern Japanese society and how heavily it depends on artifical roles and rules and politeness to keep people from strangling each other. The crude, wobbly line drawings are deceptively sophisticated.

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