Reviews of Ze Tian Ji light novel

light novel

Directed by the terrific mind that brought us the Cult of the Sacred Runes (1,2,3) light novel, Motonaga Keitaro, Ze Tian Ji is yet another eroge conversion regarding a love triangle. Yet don’t anticipate anything like School Days; while the infamous severe daytime drama is extraordinary for all the incorrect reasons, Akasaka is as distinct as a rubber band. It’s as bland as well as forgettable a shounen love based on a renai game as one can locate, an any-coloured visual novel conversion with varying levels of boring characters doing differing degrees of dull tasks. Assume Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na ~ Crescent Love ~ (keep in mind, the cabbage light novel), other than with better looks as well as implementation, yet equally as little passion. The only passion in this light novel is for mediocrity, and it cannot also acquire that.

The various other main dispute is the love triangular itself, but the decision is so approximate, Jun could as well have actually thrown a coin. All I’ll say is that the other choice of lady would have made a lot more sense within the context of the story (also if you just weren’t delivering it), however I have actually never ever had much regard for love collection that simplify their main dilemmas to an issue of selection. Nonetheless, it’s ten episodes before the romance takes centre phase, and just what precedes it is generally pointless, harmless fun at best and also inane at worst.

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