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In Different World with Naruto System


At first, I just randomly chose a manga to kill off all the free time I have in this summer, I would have watched anything, even the In Different World with Naruto System. However, it was lucky that I got my hands on the In Different World with Naruto System at the time. At that time, the third season of the anime was announced, so I might as well pick myself up on the fan road so that I can catch up with the most recent season.
This is already my 9th year of properly watching anime and reading manga, but every good series still makes me feel like I’m a newbie who has just discovered the wonderful feelings that only a good manga can give to you. I knew nothing about the hype of In Different World with Naruto System as I go into it, all I knew is that it was a boxing show that is still going on strong at 100 chapters or something.

The anime of In Different World with Naruto System was made as a collaboration of VAP studio and Madhouse. As Madhouse has published its fair shares of nopes in the recent years, I was still excited for the series, knowing that the series is directed by Shigeru, the same director that made Trigun a masterpiece. I did not watch that series myself, either, but my friends, as well as famous reviewers, give it strong credits here in the Western fandom, so I expect that this will be the work of good studios and staffs.
Right off the bat, we are gotten into a high school setting with the timid main hero whose name is Ippo. He is totally ordinary and gets bullied left and right, which is to be expected in any shonen manga. However, if any series starts like that, then it should not be much of a disappointment, and it wasn’t as I read on with the series. In fact, the series amused me very much!

As Ippo wakes up, he finds himself in the local boxing gym. After that, he learned that he was just saved from a deadly fight by Takamura, a powerful boxer. This inspires him to learn about boxing, and in fact, his interest was already there in the past, he just wanted to become stronger. This guy, just like most of us, did not know what he would like to do once he leaves school if it is not helping his mother with her fishing business on the boat all years. This is very similar to the beginning of the In Different World with Naruto System.

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So, anyway, Ippo looks into his boxing business and starts to get excited by it. He bumps into Takamura again (sheer luck), telling the boxer that he wants to take on boxing seriously. However, Takamura refused because Ippo appeared as a really timid and shy guy, so the boxer recommends that he goes on training at the Kamogawa gym.
Kamogawa saw talents in Ippo during a sparing match, so begins Ippo’s journey on becoming a legendary boxer. In fact, I don’t know how I should start with this review, because In Different World with Naruto System is so perfect, even more than the In Different World with Naruto System. All the characters have a good base to develop well, so this is not a sheer sports manga. Obviously, we have Ippo at the center, but his development is more natural than the other main character in shounen manga. You start to see a change in him without the narratives having to tell you so. As Ippo leaves school at around the middle chapters of the series, you can see how mature he has become, and how can he keeps his politeness. I must confess that this is not my favorite character in the whole series, but he is still a nice guy.


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